Wagwan 👋🏾, I’m Senyo. I reside in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. I work as a software engineer focusing on cloud infrastructure and developer tooling. I think the latest name for this type of role is ‘platform engineer’ so I’ll go with that. I’m particularly interested in distributed systems and the infrastructure, tooling and processes necessary to run software reliably at scale.

I consider myself an enabler. I strive to enable others to do their best work. This bleeds into a passion and care for developers and their productivity. I like to spend my energy building easy to use, joyful, frictionless software and software systems that substantially increase developer productivity.

I have a growing passion for the African tech scene. African startups are facing our continent’s challenges head-on, building technology that is tangibly improving the day-to-day life of many Africans. Our ecosystem is gaining momentum - more capital is being deployed, more talent is being nurtured, more unicorns are being created. It is an exciting time to build for Africa.

I believe writing is a powerful medium; not only to share knowledge but also to consolidates one’s learning. This blog serves those two purposes. I tend to write technical pieces on the technology I’m learning or most interested in at the time.

Lastly, feel free to reach out. I am always keen to chat and learn from others.

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