Wagwan, I’m Senyo! I am a 24 year old software engineer focusing on cloud infrastructure. I reside in the beautiful city Cape Town, South Africa. I work at Aerobotics where we are building the next generation of smart technology in the agriculture industry. I am particularly interested in distributed systems and the infrastructure necessary to run software reliably at scale. I’m fascinated by the rise of infrastructure startups offering their services through APIs.

I have a growing passion for tech leadership, even though I am still very much in the beginning of my career. I consider myself an enabler; striving to enable others to do their best work. This not only includes tooling and infra for making direct code contribution frictionless but also enabling others to contribute to the broader technical story of the business.

A little less about me, so what is Bloom? Bloom is a collection of my thoughts and learnings on software, tech leadership and the tech industry. I believe writing is a powerful medium, not only to share knowledge but also to consolidates one’s learning. Bloom serves those two purposes.

I hope you find this blog inspiring and eventually start your own! Feel free to reach out, I am always keen to chat and learn from others.

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