Wagwan 👋🏾, I’m Senyo. I reside in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. I am a software engineer currently focusing on networking and cloud infrastructure. I work at fly.io. My interests are a beautiful confusion between software engineering and operations. I find joy in both building and designing software and operating large scale distributed software systems.

I consider myself an enabler. I strive to enable others to do their best work.

I have a growing passion for the African tech scene. African startups are facing our continent’s challenges head-on, building technology that is tangibly improving the day-to-day life of many Africans. Our ecosystem is gaining momentum - more capital is being deployed, more talent is being nurtured, more unicorns are being created. It is an exciting time to build for Africa.

I believe writing is a powerful medium; not only to share knowledge but also to consolidates one’s learning. This blog serves those two purposes. I tend to write technical pieces on the technology I’m learning or most interested in at the time.

Feel free to reach out. I am always up for a chat and to learn from you.

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